Getting found on Instagram

Are you what people are searching for on Instagram? 👀

Instagram’s Search tool sorts through millions of accounts and posts to help you browse your interests — from nail art to interior design to local restaurant recommendations, it’s a place for discovery and inspiration.

The head of Instagram recently explained down what you see when you search and why — and how your profile can show up better on Instagram Search!

How Instagram ranks search results

Search is built to help you find accounts and topics of interest. It’s different from Feed, Stories, Reels and Explore because your input helps us figure out what to show you. Your search tells Instagram what you’re looking for, so they try to organize search results by what’s most relevant to you — whether it be a close friend, a creator you love, or ideas for vegan desserts.

Example: You’re interested in finding pictures of space after seeing the blue moon. When you tap the search bar on the Explore page, the first thing you see is your recent searches. As you begin typing “space,” it shows you accounts, audio, hashtags, and places that match the text of your search. In this case, results like @space and #space show up because “space” appears in their name.

In addition to the text you type into search, Instagram uses information from accounts, hashtags and places (called signals) to rank your search results.

How to show up better in Search

It’s important to show up in search results when potential customers, friends or fans are looking for you or what you offer.

Here are a few best practices to help you show up in search results:

👉 Use a fitting handle and profile name.
👉 Include relevant keywords and locations in your bio.
👉 Use relevant keywords and hashtags in captions.

Find out more in  this video.