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As more people returned to in-person shopping experiences, 437 Swimwear had to adapt and adjust its strategies to continue to drive online sales.

437 wanted to create a seamless user experience that matched the convenience, intimacy and immediacy of in-person shopping while continuing to expand its audience.

437 was looking for a true business partner, someone who would invest their time and resources in the brand’s success. As their chosen partner, we took on this challenge enthusiastically, working collaboratively with the founders to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy.

We managed and optimized a process for scalable content coordination to keep up with the requirements of the 437 brand. We strategized and managed a multi-channel approach that created a full-funnel paid advertising strategy.

Our results-driven approach and unwavering commitment to the brand’s success helped us forge a truly successful business partnership that delivered impressive results and has brought the brand to the forefront of a highly competitive category.