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Science & Humans


Working in the Health Technology Category

Once known as ON MEN, Science & Humans emerged as a beacon in the digital healthcare landscape, offering innovative telemedicine services. Specializing in hormones, anti-aging, longevity, and sexual wellness, they provide a seamless and discreet solution.

With licensed Canadian providers at the helm, they diagnose and prescribe personalized treatment plans, while their accredited pharmacy partner ensures safe and confidential delivery of Health Canada-authorized medication.


The Challenge

The pivot from ON MEN to Science & Humans was more than a name change; it was a metamorphosis. With the rebranding, the company faced the daunting task of not just establishing a new identity but also expanding its reach to include a broader audience, and an entirely new category, women.

This challenge was not just about changing a logo but about narrating a new story, a story that resonates with a diverse clientele while retaining the trust of their existing customer base.

Science + Humans Hero Image

A Journey of Transformation

Our mission was clear: to not just rebrand but to reimagine and reinvent.

In the heart of our strategy lay the essence of storytelling. We delved deep into the ethos of Science & Humans, extracting and refining their core values to resonate with a wider audience. We sought to create a narrative that was inclusive and empowering, one that both educated and empowered a broad range of audiences. 

Central to our approach was the creation of compelling content. We embarked on a journey to capture real stories of transformation and wellness, stories that illustrated the impact of Science & Humans on everyday lives. These stories became the cornerstone of our video content, weaving a tapestry of trust and reliability around the brand.

We engaged audiences through a well-orchestrated digital and social media campaign, harnessing the power of targeted messaging and community engagement. This was not just marketing; it was a conversation, an invitation to be part of a transformative journey.

We crafted personalized communication, ensuring they felt valued and informed throughout the process. This delicate handling of the transition was pivotal in retaining their trust and loyalty.

As we rolled out the new brand, it was like watching a new chapter unfold. The market responded with enthusiasm, embracing the new identity of Science & Humans. The brand’s story, infused with inclusivity and innovation, resonated strongly, paving the way for unprecedented growth and success.


The rebranding journey of Science & Humans was nothing short of remarkable. Within just 13 months, the company witnessed a tenfold increase in revenue. But more importantly, they successfully introduced themselves to a new audience while retaining the loyalty of their existing customers, illustrating the power of strategic branding and targeted marketing.


10X Revenue Growth
5,000 New Customers
2MM Brand Impressions


Production Campaigns: 

  1. Team Shoot:  We introduced Science & Humans to the market with a hero video featuring the professionals that work within the organization along with customer testimonials 
  2. Menopause in the Workplace:  A B2B initiative where we documented a lunch and learn with like-minded businesses and discussed the impact of menopause for women in the workplace
  3. Weight loss Campaign: launching a new product that created assets for amplification
Science & Humans - Headshot